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Drilled or Deep wells draw their water from aquifers that exist below and within the bedrock.

This water usually has different characteristics from that which is provided by Shallow or Bored wells, which are supplied by surface waters.

Treatment makes very good sense when considering the importance of water quality to your health, the inconvenience and cost of bottled water, and the damage untreated water can do to the plumbing, appliances, and piping systems of your home.

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Please take a moment to learn about your water well and consider the following basic facts. This means many compounds, including those found in underground rock formations, are water soluble.

Therefore, groundwater frequently assumes the characteristics of the geological formations it passes through on its way to your well.

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Whether you have been in your home for a number of years or you have just recently moved into a new home with a well, please note: The Virginia Department of Health requires private water supplies to be tested for total coliform and E-Coli in order to obtain an occupancy permit and well certification.

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