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Eisenhower was in the Whitehouse, Hawaii became our 50th State, gasoline cost 30 cents per gallon, and Bob Rajner took his first breath underwater.

The year was 1959, and the dive site was Whitehouse Quarry.

Bobs equipment consisted of a single 72 cubic foot tank, a two-hose Jet-Air regulator with an R-valve, fins, mask and swim trunks.

(No wet suit) Those who have had the good fortune to know one of Northwest Ohios pioneer divers would agree that Bob Rajner is a pretty tough customer in terms of withstanding cold water temperatures. The second dive (10 days later) was in 1/4 neoprene head to toe! Divers dealer at the time and it is safe to assume that a rush order for the two wet suits took place shortly after that first quarry experience.

He attended a seminar held in Marion, Ohio, which was put on by the Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers for attendees to become Instructors. He declined the invitation because he already had two group affiliations and did not think a third was necessary. Had he accepted their offer, he would have had an instructor number in the single digits.

A gentleman by the name of Bill Mc Bride ran the seminar for the Ohio Council. In 1964, Bob was working at the Toledo Shipyard machine shop.

Winter came and went and the Cedarville left and went about her business.

Laser Mapping Specialists was founded in 1998 by a staff who pioneered the use of Optech's ALTM Li DAR mapping system.