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I found a taxi parked neatly in a taxi stand with its front passenger door open but no actual driver. She believed most people were out to get you, that everyone had a hidden agenda.A local saw me standing in front of it with my suitcase and held up a finger in the universal ‘wait a minute’ gesture. I just thought most people were doing the best they could. There were lots of little shacks with tires piled up in front of them and a few gas stations and garages.I had decided long ago that my nurturing energies would be focused on protecting and caring as best I could for this planet of ours. We all got out of the car and Nderim went and talked with the group of drivers hanging around their cabs.I wasn’t sure how good of a job I was doing but I had remained steadfast in my intentions. “Ok,” he said as he motioned to one of them “He’ll take you to Ohrid for 10 Euros.” “Great! Zef moved my bag from the back of his car to the waiting taxi. I wrote my email address on a piece of scrap paper for Zef. I’ll buy you dinner.” He beamed and put the paper into his wallet.After giving the thin tire man a few bills, Nderim got back into the cab with a smile.“Ok,” he said, “All good.” We continued on our way through the outskirts of the city.Přečtěte si další informace, mimo jiné i to, jaké máte možnosti: zásady používání souborů cookie.It is logistically difficult to leave Tirana, Albania.


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The man strode quickly over to me, popped my suitcase into the trunk, and opened the back door for me to get in. Nderim pulled up to a small garage and asked the guy who poked his head out from around a car a question. Towers of wheels and tires were piled all around a thin man who sat on the floor in the center.Most of the descriptions I had read about it emphasized its poverty and bleakness. His hair was short and he wore a blue polo shirt and grey sweatpants. He pulled out a chocolate croissant and a Coca-Cola and handed them to me. Zef turned the dial until it landed on some American pop station playing Taylor Swift. There seemed to be a Vodaphone store on every corner, sort of like the ridiculous presence of Starbucks stores in New York City. I laughed at the shift from electronics to marital status. I knew from experience that it was just easier to say yes.It was poor, that was obvious but there was also an intense, defiant, infectious optimism that was present in its brightly painted buildings and public sculpture, and in it’s people. The three of us got into Zef’s silver sedan and we were off, headed once again toward the Macedonian border. In keeping with the perfect day theme, both his and Nderim’s heads started bobbing in time with the beat. I gazed out the window, my head bobbing along as well. I had no idea how much an i Phone cost in Albania and decided I should look that up later. So many questions would follow a ‘no’ answer and it was virtually impossible to adequately explain the ‘no’ in this part of the world. ” “No,” I said, “No, children.” “But you want them? ” “Sure, yes.” Zef fell silent, thinking, I supposed, about New York City and the lights and the Yankees. “Sure.” I said, “Whatever you’re having.” Two plates of steamed rice topped with cheese arrived a few minutes later.Sometimes the drivers are a little more difficult to track down, though. Sharon hardly ever traveled and most especially never by herself.



It was about on a Sunday morning and the sun had been up for hours. The world frightened her in ways I couldn’t understand.The buildings and shacks were becoming less frequent. It was an achingly beautiful fall day, one of those days that seemed like a direct gift from someone or someplace holy; if that was something you believed in. It was tangled up with my belief of the power of earth and wind and sea and the sacredness of nature. That answer seemed to satisfy him and I wondered why this was a question he felt compelled to ask me.

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