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The entire region is vulnerable to severe earthquakes. Since that time, the Bosniac population has declined and that of the Serbs has risen because of ethnic cleansing by the Serbian army.

Bosnia also suffers from air and water pollution because of poorly regulated industrial production in the years before the civil war. (The terms "Bosniac" and "Muslim" often are used interchangeably; "Bosniac" refers more explicitly to an ethnicity, to avoid confusion with the term "Muslim," which refers to any follower of the Islamic faith.) Since 1995, the country has been internally divided into a Bosniac/Croat Federation, which controls 51 percent of the land and whose majority is Bosniac and Croat, and a Serb Republic, which has the other 49 percent and has a Serb majority.

Bosnia became part of the Hungarian Empire in the thirteenth century and gained independence again in the early 1300s.

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Austria-Hungary, with the aid of the Russians, took advantage of the Turks' weakened position and invaded Bosnia-Herzegovina, annexing the region in 1908.

Although cultural variations in Bosnia and Herzegovina are minimal, cultural identity is currently extremely divisive.

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