Congressman intimidating a federal employee

14-Nov-2018 09:32

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Several agencies over the years have dealt with employees’ using government computers for activities that are, well, outside the scope of government work.“It’s not just casual porn viewing, but hours and hours of unproductive time doing things we shouldn’t be condoning.However, a Member may not adjust the work requirements of the congressional office, or add unpaid interns during the campaign, in order to create more “free” time for staff to do campaign work.

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Employees who do campaign work while remaining on the House payroll should keep careful records of the time they spend on official activities and, separately, on campaign activities, and demonstrate that campaign work was not done on official time.An OMB spokeswoman was not aware if any specific porn policy was already in place.An Office of Personnel Management spokeswoman clarified that watching porn falls under general rules against misusing government property.EPA’s spokeswoman Liz Purchia confirmed that the porn-watching employee is still employed but on leave, but could not comment further because of the ongoing investigation.

The agency’s overall policy, which has not been updated since the incident, is vague and doesn’t say anything about porn watching: Unauthorized or inappropriate use of Government office equipment may result in the loss or limitation of your privilege to use Government office equipment.In particular, staff members should be aware that under FEC regulations, most outlays that an individual makes on behalf of a campaign are deemed to be a contribution to that campaign from that individual.26 This is so even if it is intended that the campaign will reimburse the individual promptly.