Cons of interracial dating

29-Mar-2019 09:26

Imagine her surprise when my family turned out to be “low class”.

We weren’t professionals, we didn’t have money and yes, we were often crudely unrehearsed in our social etiquette.

It’s not because I’m afraid exactly, but I guess there is this knee jerk reaction that comes with “learning your place” in order to prevent the onslaught of attacks that come with being committed to someone of another race.

Guaranteed, racism doubles when the offending races are in close quarters and being in an interracial relationship means that you’re in the “line of fire” every time there’s a dispute.

One of the disadvantages of being an interracial couple is the fact that you have to bite your tongue so often in order to get by unscathed.

There is so much more that can be said on this blog, but I can’t help feel like I’m always holding back on certain topics…stuck in “bite your tongue” mode.

For her, this was like a double blow…now, not only did she have a white girl in her family to “water down” the genes, but the girl had no status and was completely useless in any plans she might have to elevate her appearance amongst Latinos.

My status within the family dropped day by day and I was constantly reminded by her and my sister-in-law that I was an outsider.

So there was always that stigma there about my being white.

Yesterday, I got a couple comments from a reader who’s had to deal with a lot in her interracial relationship.

Hearing her share her story really got me thinking about all the things that I don’t share here…and why I don’t share them.

She would point out all the time about how funny their family would look to other Mexicans now that there was a ” little white girl” in the group.

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“All the other Mexicans are going to wonder what this white girl is doing with us” she would add with a chuckle.

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