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Today, the mansion in the heart of the southeast English countryside is famous for being where the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing cracked the Nazi's Enigma code.Because Turing's individual achievements were so momentous, it's sometimes forgotten that more than 10,000 other people worked at the Government Code and Cypher School, of whom more than two-thirds were female.Events take an even greater turn for the psych-tacular in pirated copies of Warhead, as Sykes’ withering gunfire comes out as a barrage of confused chickens.I’m not sure how the birds squeeze out of the gun barrel, but there they are, clear as day.But it’s not the first game to cross wildlife with small arms.Crysis Warhead, a standalone companion game for the original Crysis, follows the adventures of one Michael “Psycho” Sykes as he kills a bunch of dudes for some reason.His solution was the bombe, an electromechanical machine designed to emulate the workings of 36 Enigmas.

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They decided to preempt the wave of theft by seeding a “cracked” version of Tycoon on a popular Bit Torrent sharing site.These settings were derived from cribs, which were best guesses at fragments of plain text—for example, standard openings such as weather reports—from the enciphered messages.