Ddclient not auto updating

13-Nov-2018 05:26

I have ddclient configured to use dyns.org, but for some reason it is not updating if my new ip addresses?

Im not so sure there is a probably with my conf file as there maybe something blocking the port it uses. Thanks in advance, Boyd Here is all pid=/var/run/protocol=dyndns2 use=if, if=eth0 server=members.login=xxxx password=xxx xxxx.Silly question: Did you read the README file in the package?

1) Can you tell if it is getting a valid IP address?

Try running the debugger: #ddclient -daemon=0 -debug -verbose -noquiet and look though the output for hints.

I tried to configure it based on the web help (ddclient.sourceforge.net) and really screwed it up the first time.

Configuring the current package is very different for what you read online.

I think I have an issue with my network, I am able to resolve internet addresses but u/a to ping them. Thx again, Josh Yes, it sounds like the short term problem is a networking problem.

My universal helpful suggestion is to stop the iptables service and try ddclient again. You can resolve a Fully Qualified Domain Name to an IP address, but pinging it doesnt work? If the server is using a static IP address, are the gateway IP and DNS addresses properly defined on the server?

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The installation will complete and the application will ask for your account information.Yea it resolves the ip address of but i can not ping it.PING 56 data bytes --- statistics --- 4 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss Thx, Boyd How odd.PS: It is a really, really nice utility when you (eventually) get it to run, but the current documentation is horrible.

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Originally posted by Whats His Name Silly question: Did you read the README file in the package?

You can also set each update Client ID to a custom name for example, home, work, client name, etc to help keep track of each.