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A stumping case of a murdered woman leaves Sherlock and John to care for the woman's daughter. He sped down the street faster than any mortal would be able to see. He knew that he should slow down, but he had to find her.Will Sherlock solve the case and find the young girl a home before he gets too attached? Go get milk, I've gone out plenty of times this week. "Just listen to me please-" Lestrade interupts, walking in carrying a file. " Sherlock asks, swiftly turning toward Lestrade."She?! She had been gone for a year now, but he knew that the hunt was coming to a close.Alice selected a book from the bookshelf inside David Stungen's home and flipped it open.Her gloved fingers traced the words on the page and a small smile formed on her lips."You have an exquisite taste in literature, Mr.She's pretty with straight hair and I think that she should straighten it A LOT more often.

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He exited the alley at a much slower pace than he entered ...

"Bury me standing under your window with a cinder block in hand." the young 18 year old sang to herself quietly while tucking her knees into her chest while silent knocks emitted from the other side of the pitch black door.