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19-Feb-2019 06:49

in the comfort of your one-bedroom apartment and cozy ugg slippers. I mean you’ve mastered the art of posing indifferently with your magnum of Goose and gang-signs SAUGA REPRESENT.

But careful- swipe too fast and you may have just said adios to a prospective soulmate. Plot twist: You’re the guy photobombing in the back?

” She responded with a pause, some rambling, and eventually said that a particular time worked best. Miraculously, after that, for a couple of months, she answered the phone when I called.

Now, the situation seems to have reverted back to me getting the answering machine all the time.

Before our break, I told him I see him as more than a friend.

Now I’m not sure if he is seeing someone else or if he is interested in something more.

Yes, I’ll swipe right…*nothing happens*…AND IT’S NOT A MATCH?!

No, I don’t want to ‘just ask’.…There is no way that’s just ‘your sister’Oh, you’re cute…

More like current dad bod…“With a body like this who needs a pickup line” …Is that ironic?

She often starts by apologizing that she hasn’t been able to call me back, and says she’s been busy.

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This issue has bothered me for a long time, because I feel like she’s lying to me about “being busy” as the reason for her not phoning.• When we approach these talks as “learning conversations” and stay curious throughout, it disarms the other person and helps reduce defensiveness. I have a friend with whom I have wonderful conversations on the phone.