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His voice is a softer version of the feminine gabble of his most famous creation, Frank Spencer, from the Seventies sitcom Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, and he even comes out with some of Frank ' s boyish malapropisms.He has been in showbiz almost 50 years, he's a grandfather and a multimillionaire with homes in London, Kent and California.He did his own stunts in Some Mothers, and trained in wire-walking, trapeze, and unicycle at New York's circus school for three months before taking on the lead role in the 1981 hit Barnum.During his five-year run at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the 1990s, in the staggeringly expensive million solo spectacle EFX, he suffered two crippling falls and eventually had to have his hip joint replaced.It is his comeback performance after 18 years in the States, and it has helped lift the West End out of its doldrums and Lloyd Webber's organisation out of its endof-year, £8 million debts."It's nice to be back here because it is my home," he says."I was an adventurous boy, and that never left me," he says.Crawford has always chosen roles that are physically challenging.

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I'm thinking at the moment about whether I want to go to Broadway when this show transfers, or whether I want to do more work here." He's looking forward to taking his grandchildren to Cameron Mackintosh's production of Mary Poppins, which opens next week.

It is no great surprise when Michael Crawford tells me that his one, unrealised ambition was to play Peter Pan.