Women dating wealthy men

15-Feb-2019 06:09

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To attract rich men and hold their attention a woman should be all she can be as far as beauty goes.Looking well kept and fresh will go a long way if you are not a natural beauty, as most rich men like a woman who is neat and trim.If you have tattoos, you should hide them as much as possible, as most rich men generally like a clean and sophisticated lady, not a biker chic.If you are truly serious about being with a rich man you should place yourself around rich men every day.

Never miss out on the opportunity to wear elegant clothes and be seen.

Rich men tend to feel comfortable asking a woman for a date if she is a familiar face and he has been able to have casual conversations with.

So, if you can get a part time job in a country club, do it!

Rich men often belong to country clubs and play a lot of golf in their free time but the expense of joining a country club would put most people in the poorhouse if they could even scrounge up the initial payment.

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This creates a bit of a challenge for the average woman to be seen on a regular basis by rich men and therefore get the opportunity for a date invitation.

In your spare time you should make a point of going to the racetrack a few times per year.